PelloBello was founded in Malmö, south of Sweden, on a white and snowy day in the beginning of winter 2013.

Ever since then PelloBello is focusing on creating fun and furry outer wear for women and to lighten up the dark Scadinavian greyish weather.

PelloBello’s collection stands for and complements women’s strong personality, cuteness, energy, courage and independence.

The label has became known for it’s fluffiness and softness.

PelloBello’s design is inspried by both Swedish and the neighbour city Copenhagen’s culture, art and people.

PelloBello’s Ethical Approach to Raw Materials Sourcing

Here, at PelloBello, we fully support the ideas of ethical business conduct and the humane treatment of animals. In purchasing our products you can rest assured knowing they have been manufactured according to the highest standards of quality and with minimal impact to the environment. We practice the responsible use of raw-materials and a cruelty-free approach to obtaining them.

Our company believes that breeding and killing animals solely or predominantly to obtain their fur is a relic that violates moral and ethical norms. In order to uphold our beliefs, winter season 2017 and other lines will not use the fur of wild animals such as fox, mink and raccoon.

We do not support the idea of cruel treatment of animals by any means, and deeply condemn such practices. We are convinced that animals have the rights to life and humane mortification without causing pain and suffering. Therefore we meticulously select suppliers that profess the similar views on doing business.

Our company adheres to the idea of rational consumption of resources; hence we do not work with fur-farms, and all the raw materials for our products are animal and poultry by-products. This means, that carcasses are fully utilized and processed for meat and feed. Such a technology is much more favorable than fur-farms which simply throw away or destroys carcasses after obtaining their fur.

All the materials we deploy, such as feather, rabbit fur, lamb wool and fur, are ethically sourced from the responsible husbandries that do not practice animal mistreatment or neglect. The production farms we partner with do not implement practice of live-plucking, force-feeding or other deliberate infliction of harm to animals and birds.

Why We Work With Natural Fur and Feathers

While there are multitude of substitutes for natural fur, leather, down and feathers there are also negative effects on the environment as the raw-materials and technology implemented in the manufacturing of faux fur are not always eco-friendly.

Wool, fur and feather are absolutely natural and ecologically innocuous materials, produced by nature itself. We do not utilize any chemicals that are considered to cause significant harm to the environment. In addition, the raw materials that we use are renewable and sustainable, which means their stock is maintained at a certain level without depletion. Also, by refusing to work with the fur of wild and endangered animals we strive to sustain their population and save the places of their natural habitat. This means that our manufacturing process mitigates any possible environmental damage.

The production of artificial fur can be much less eco-friendly. Manufacturing requires the use of synthetics materials produced out of coal, limestone and petroleum. These resources are no-renewable; so inconsiderable and excessive consumption will inevitably lead to depletion of these valuable resources.

Natural fur is one of the most durable materials. Clothes made out of this raw material can serve for decades. Artificial fibers, for all their strength, do not have such wear resistance. The fibers begin to get tangled, crumble and clothes lose their appearance. This forces consumers to purchase new clothing more often and, consequently, more resources are deployed to make new products.

Also, please do remember that synthetic fur is not bio-degradable, so products that have not been recycled can potentially pollute the soil for centuries. Conversely, fur and products of its production can decompose without causing harm to the environment.

We would like to say, that purchasing PelloBello’s clothing you not only get attractive, durable and green products, but you also support our ideas of sustainable use of recourses. Our business is based on the principles of environmental friendliness, cruelty-free treatment of animals and respect for nature. We are grateful to nature for being able to use its gifts and we want to pay it back with using solicitous attitude in running our business.